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The Bangle

Thursday, August 15th, 2013
By Margaret

The Bangle

I confess I have a weakness for inexpensive costume jewelry bangles. If I’m in a down market antique store (formerly known as junk shops), and I find a box filled with costume jewelry, I’m all over it, digging through everything until I reach the bottom, all in the hopes of snagging a few choice items. My husband says I’m like a crow, attracted to bright objects, wanting to pick them up and drag them back to my nest.

Chunky Artisan Bangle

As a result, I’ve probably got fifty bangles piled up in a small drawer in my dresser. If you look through them, you’ll see that I’m partial to anything unusual, or out-of-the-ordinary: animal motifs, exotic color schemes, shiny-cheap metals with geometric figures, anything that looks like you bought it in Timbuktu, or Katmandu. That’s what I’m after, something different.

Exotic Resin Bangle Set

The good news is that bangles are the cheap date of the jewelry world. For a few bucks, usually less than $10, you can actually find something worth wearing that won’t embarrass you. Try that with a ring, or a necklace.

Silver Studden Bangle Set

So, to conclude, inexpensive, versatile, and terrifically fun, bangles give you a lot of bang for your jewelry buck. (All images courtesy of Treasure Jewelry.)