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Oscars Live-Blogging

By La Petite Acadienne

Okay, so this is the first time I’ve live-blogged anything, so please bear with me.

I won’t be blogging the ENTIRE Oscars, ’cause I just don’t stay up that late. But I will blog the red-carpet, and maybe a bit beyond.

Keeping with the theme of this blog, I’ll make a special point of noticing and commenting upon jewelry. However, I won’t be limiting myself to only jewelry, and may make the odd comment regarding anything else that catches my eye.

So, I hope you all have wine in hand, popcorn in bowl, and tongue firmly in cheek.

BTW: Am watching the ABC coverage, as it’s in HD. Just so you know.

8:00: Robin Roberts looks pretty. I see that she’s following the “big cocktail ring on index finger” trend that we’ve seen a lot lately.

8:04: I love you, Tim Gunn. Come live with me.

8:05: Maria Menounos is also doing the big cocktail ring.  I’m not sure if that gigantic sparkly thing on her wrist is a bracelet, or part of her dress.

8:05: Mila Kunis. I like the purple, but I’m not keen on the sheer. I love her earrings — a really different and pretty shape. Stand up straight, though. For someone who used to be a ballet dancer, her posture is crap.

8:07: Hailee Steinfeld. She’s so cute and poised and pretty. Not a BIT of jewelry on her, except for a tiny subtle ring, which is interesting and brave, but it works, considering that her dress is pretty sparkly.

Commercials: Cheese puffs, or popcorn? I can’t decide.

8:14: Amy Adams: That’s a pretty necklace, and a pretty dress, but I just would not have worn them together. That high neckline, calls more for earrings.  And the stones don’t contrast enough with the dress to look cool — just enough to look like they clash. Fail, Amy.

8:15: Jennifer Lawrence: Gold! Nice to see! I kind of wish she’d worn her hair up, so that we could have had a better view of those earrings.

8:19: Melissa Leo. For one brief, horrible moment, I thought she was wearing a jumpsuit. I like how her jewelry looks like things that she might have actually owned and loved. That necklace is charming.

8:29: Cate Blanchett is so pretty.  I can’t tell if she’s put yellow streaks in her hair to offset the yellow on her Givenchy dress and the yellow diamonds on her ears, or if it’s just a weird lighting trick. Either way, I adore her.

8:32: Oh dear. Sunrise — you’re so cute, and I love your hair, and I hate your dress.  But you’re married to the handsome Mark Ruffalo, so you still win.

8:34: Ooh, Marisa Tomei is wearing a REALLY pretty shade.  After the ubiquitous emerald green of the Globes, I was wondering what colour would stand out tonight, and this vintage indigo dress is, as Tim says, “staggering”. And the earrings just set it off beautifully. My guess is that Marisa will find herself on more than a few best-dressed lists after this evening.

8:39:  I’m amused that they’re tracking Justin Timberlake. Is he the Santa Claus of the Oscars?

8:42: Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camilla are just too damn pretty. She’s wearing lovely platinum and pearl earrings, and her dress is plunging, but still classy.

8:44:  I’m glad to see Annette Bening looking much better than she did at the Globes. Are those earrings emerald drops? It’s hard to tell, but they’re beautiful, and she looks great. And Warren seems besotted with her, which is sweet.

8:45: The very, very, very orange Valentino and Anne Hatheway, who is wearing a Valentino-red dress. It’s really quite lovely and fits like a dream. Her necklace is very regal.  Her first big role was playing a princess, and I think she took some lessons to heart.

8:52: Colin Firth — please accompany Tim Gunn to my house. Tim can dress me. You can undress me.

8:55: Reese Witherspoon is also wearing beautiful, beautiful green earrings.  And she paired it with diamond bracelets. I like that she didn’t feel like she had to wear the same stones on ears and wrist. Mix ‘n’ match!

8:56: Robert Downey Jr can also come with Tim and Colin. Please.  His wife’s earrings are nifty, though. Evidently they were designed by Angelina Jolie. They suit her colouring beautifully. She has pretty earrings AND she gets to go home with RDJ.  Must be rough.

8:59: Commercials. Turns out, my husband at the last of the cheezies.  Colin Firth would never eat the last of the cheezies. That’s okay, though. I still love him. Besides, he reminded me of the Bulk Barn party mix in the pantry. That’ll do nicely.

9:02: Holy moley, Jennifer Hudson! You look hawt! I love the art deco diamond jewelry, and you are definitely rocking the red. Can I just say that I’m sick to the gills of that frigging Weight Watchers commercial, though? I get it, it’s a new day, a new liiiiiiiiffeee!

9:03: Natalie Portman is wearing what appears to be a very common colour this evening.  It’s kind of a magenta purple. Her tassel earrings are seriously cool, though, and she gets bonus points for calling someone “the bee’s knees”.  This is a big improvement over her Globes look. I know some people loved the pink dress with the big jeezly red rose. I wasn’t one of them.

9:05: Aw, James Franco. You’re so cute.

9:08: Sandra Bullock, also in red, but she just looks kind of…blah. Simple diamond studs, and her updo looks like there wasn’t much effort put into it, and her bag just kind of clashes. I don’t know. I loves me some Sandy, but I don’t think her heart is in it this year.

9:14: Nicole Kidman looks so much nicer with her hair back to a reddish tone. And that is one gorgeous necklace — really stunning, and it manages to not compete with her Dior Couture dress.

9:15: Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing Calvin Klein, and actually looks really good. It fits her beautifully. I’m really not sure about the earrings, though. I love multicoloured stones, but the shape just looks really awkward.

9:17: Where’s Christian Bale’s wife? I was hoping to see her — I’ve had a soft spot for her since she appeared in one of the late, great Kevyn Aucoin’s books.

9:18: Yep, Tim liked Marisa Tomei as well. I just got another look at Mila Kunis’ dress, and I don’t like it as much anymore. The front makes it look like she’s wearing pasties.  Anne Hatheway still looks gorgeous, though. It’s a good choice for an Oscar host — it’s not boring, but it’s not SO out there as to distract from the job that she’s doing.

9:21: Commercials. Jennifer Lopez, why are you shilling razors? Seriously, the Idol judging gig can be forgiven, but now you really ARE starting to look rather desperate for attention.

9:26: Yay! Halle Berry is wearing clothes. A very pretty Marchesa, actually. Simple diamond earrings.

Had to pause there for a second. The peanut had kicked off his blankets and was fussing. Poor mite has a cold and had a heck of a time falling asleep. You know when you have a cold and you just get this annoying, constant tickle in your throat, causing you to cough incessantly, and you can’t fall asleep? Yeah. That’s what we’re dealing with.

Okay, red carpet is over, and it’s time for the ceremony!

Ack! Anne Hatheway changed dresses. I was not expecting that, but I should have.  It’s…different.  I’m trying to figure out what all that whatchamahoozit on her dress looks like, but words are failing me.  Her hair and makeup ARE super-pretty, though, so there is that.  And her mom just told her to stand up straight. I love it. And James Franco’s grandmother is freaking adorable.

I’m really not sure of the point of looking back at these other classic movies — it just seems like one of those goofy Oscar conceits that winds up taking up more time than needed.

9:56:  Ooh, Best Supporting Actress time. Anne Hatheway has just totally lost her mind at the thought of Kirk Douglas calling her a beautiful woman. I think that’s neat that even though she’s very much an A-list actress, she still gets all twitterpated when faced with a legend like him.  And I like that he’s milking his time onstage. Why the hell not, right?

Aww…Melissa Leo looks like she’s going to pass out.  She seems really genuine and sweet, and it’s nice to see someone who’s so thrilled to win.

10:16: Am checking out other red-carpet blogs, and realized that I have REALLY got to contact StarChoice to get E! added to my subscription package. I missed a lot of people, including Helena Bonham Carter. What the hell kind of red carpet coverage does not include Helena Bonham Carter, I ask you?

Anyway, I think it’s time for this little chickadee to hit the hay. It’s been a long day. Nexcheer, I promise I’ll watch the E! coverage instead.

But then I’d miss Tim Gunn. Oh, now I’m really torn.  Maybe I can just invite Tim to my house, and he and I can eat party mix and drink Sprite and co-blog the red carpet.

Now THAT’s a thought to give me sweet dreams.

Bisous to all of you!


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