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Gobble gobble!

By La Petite Acadienne

Happy Thanksgiving to La Petite Acadienne’s American friends! And to you non-Americans, if you’re utterly bored due to most other blogs being pretty much devoid of comments today, feel free to come by here and hang out and chat!

So…for what item of jewelry are YOU most thankful?



7 Responses to “Gobble gobble!”

  1. Jo Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely Americans!
    Hmm…I’m probably most thankful for my beautiful diamond engagement ring from my lovely fiance!
    That or the earrings my scary future MIL gave me (is that the sweet sound of potential eventual acceptance?!)

  2. Gamma Says:

    Extraordinary earrings; are they from Lunch At The Ritz? I had a dear friend who collected and wore LATR earrings, and gave me a pair called Autumn Leaves when I promised her I would wear them. I usually wear them once every October, even though they are not my usual style, and think of her.

    I would be most thankful for my wedding ring, except I lost it. So it would have to be my gold hoop earrings, because I can wear them with everything and they look great.

  3. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Yes ma’am, they certainly are from Lunch at the Ritz.

    Besides, my wedding and engagement ring, I think I’m most thankful for my grandmother’s gold chain-hoop earrings. Nanny loved jewelry, and every time I wear them, it reminds me of her.

  4. EV Says:

    Lord, those are…some…earrings. Well!

    I’m thankful for my favorite earrings – a pair of gold heraldic lion crests by Elizabeth Cole that are the perfect mix of preppy, vintage, and rock and roll. They were a total impulse buy during an Ideeli sale a few years ago, and I’ve gotten well over my money’s worth! For all the agonizing I do over some jewelry purchases, it’s funny that a few pieces like those earrings have ended up getting the most wear…

    @Jo: Don’t question it, just go with it :) I shudder to think of the jewelry my MIL would gift me…

  5. ChaChaheels Says:

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving–but it is a season, right?

    My grandmother also loved jewellery and she left me just about all of hers, I’m very lucky and grateful. Some beautiful pearls, a dozen or so pairs of various types of gold earrings, several rings and the like–very old designs that don’t look very modern now. But one pair of earrings have always been my favourites. They are gold with fairly large coral cabochons–they have a kind of oval sunflower shape, and look antique as they’re over 100 years old now.

  6. Nomi Says:

    Looking at those fabulous turkeys (ahem) which apparently are no longer available…. I suddenly wonder if you would be the one who could solve my jewelry dilemma — where can one get enamel pieces repaired? I have so many lovely vintage items off which the enamel has chipped. Any recommendations?

  7. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Hi Nomi,

    I found the website for the Enamelist Society, and they listed two particular repair places for repairing enamel:

    John DeSalvio Company – Lorraine DeSalvio repairs all types of enamels – She also works with resins. 17 W. 45th #804 * NY, NY 10036 * 212-840-6654

    Glass on Gold – Joan Strott-Alvini all types of vitreous enamel repairs. Also works with resins . 709 Sansom St, Suite 202, Philadelphia PA, 19106 * 215-625-0504

    I’m not sure where you are located, but it is a start, and if they’re not close by, they may be able to refer you to someone.

    Good luck in getting your beautiful items back in order!

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