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Men’s Sterling Silver Earrings

Sunday, April 21st, 2013
By Margaret

Men’s Sterling Silver Earrings have been in fashion since before the recording of history and have become more stylish with the passage of time. These days, such accessories have become more or less a fashion statement and a way to distinguish one’s self from the crowds. Women are not the only ones who have gotten highly conscious about how they accessorize; the opposing gender is just as aware of the changing trends around the globe.

Sterling silver earrings are perhaps the easiest way to accessorize. They can be put on and forgotten as they don’t weigh too much and don’t get in the way as some chains or bracelets do. Also, while the other two may get hidden behind layers of clothing, earrings are a guaranteed way of showcasing your sense of style without worrying about how visible they are.

Sterling silver is the preferred metal of use over pure silver because it is hardy, and has a better resistance to tarnish and wear and tear. It is an alloy which consists of 92.5% of silver, while the rest of the percentage is made up of other elements like copper or zinc. Pure silver is considered to be a soft metal and is not a suitable choice for making such items of regular use.

Various designs are available at jewelry outlets and can be chosen depending on personal preference and the frequency of use. The most common ones these days have diamonds fitted into them to make them more appealing and fit for special occasions. The diamond karat and quality will depend on the budget of each individual. The shape and color of the earrings or studs can be customized. The most popular ones are square and circular, and other unique shapes include cubes, prongs and even pirate skulls. Colors vary from the traditional gold and silver to a more distinguishing black. Individuals looking to brighten things up can go for the two or three toned ones.

TraxNYC is a business dealing in all kinds of customized jewelry for both men and women. It operates in New York and has made its place among the buyers of this bustling city. Big personalities like Justin Beiber, P Diddy, B.o.B, Ludacris, Akon, Jay-Z and Ke$ha have been happy customers of the company. The secret behind its phenomenal success is the high-tech processes it employs in designing jewelry to ensure precision and perfection. Some of the company’s jewelers have been fortunate enough to work alongside Rolex designers in Switzerland. Different designs of men’s sterling silver earrings can be seen at the dedicated website of TraxNYC.


Monday, November 29th, 2010
By La Petite Acadienne

Men and accessories…

It’s SUCH a fine line, isn’t it? I really feel kind of bad for men — their options for accessories are much more limited, and they can really only wear so much before looking like a cast reject from a 1970’s Vegas movie.

Of course, some men can get away with less subtle accessorizing, just due to sheer force of personality.

Other men wear little to no jewelry or accessories at all. Personally, I think that’s a bit of a shame, as there ARE some very, very handsome items out there.

So, whether the fellows in your life are totally minimalist, gaily festooned, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of options out there for gifting. (The delightful Mr. Henry at Manolo for the Men has also talked about men’s accessories on many an occasion, so feel free to pop on over and check him out).

1. Nice gloves.

Unless you live in a very warm climate (in which case, my freezing-cold self doesn’t really want to hear about it, thanks), gloves are a nice gift for even the most minimalist man. Getting the right size can be tricky, though. If they don’t already own gloves so that you can sneak a peek at the size label, you may need to estimate. Most guys I know don’t like tight gloves, so a size large is usually a safe bet.  These gloves are lined in cashmere, making them warmer and more luxurious.

2. A casual watch

Even completely non-jewelry guys don’t mind owning a watch. Some men even have an entire wardrobe of watches.  It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a classic style and a slightly retro feel.

3. A non-weddingesque ring

Ooh…this is a tricky one, isn’t it? Rings for men tend to fall into two categories: wedding bands, and bespangled large rings depicting the cab of an 18-wheeler. However, there are some other options out there. There are classic signet rings, funky rings, or birthstone rings. I like this wood and sterling silver ring, and The Stonecutter (a non-jewelry guy if there ever was one) admired it as well.

4. Cufflinks

I know. There are a lot of guys out there who will never take the opportunity to wear cufflinks, even if they do wear suits and dress shirts. And that is a shame, frankly, because there are some GREAT cufflinks out there. From elegant to kitschy to everywhere in between, cufflinks can really add so much personality to a basic dress shirt. So why not buy the man in your life a set of cufflinks (and the dress shirt that takes them, so that he doesn’t have to hunt around for one)?

Fun fact: a LOT of little boys dream of becoming pilots. And a lot of grown men dream of it as well. These cufflinks can help your guy mentally escape a boring meeting by envisioning himself as a cross between Chuck Yeager and Maverick.

So…what are your thoughts on men and jewelry? Should they just avoid it altogether? How much is too much? And what would you add to my list?



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