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A Rose By Any Other Name…

By La Petite Acadienne

Oh gold…why have we forsaken you?

Gold is one of those metals that is classic, but lately, it’s been given rather short shrift, hasn’t it?  Does anybody remember the Sex and the City episode where Aidan gave Carrie an engagement ring, and she was upset that it wasn’t platinum? When her friends protested that she loved gold, she replied, “Yeah! Ghetto gold for fun! But this is my engagement ring!” 

She wasn’t alone in thinking that way.

I say, it’s LONG past due for gold to make a resurgence.  It’s warm, it’s elegant, it’s rich-looking, and it’s flattering to the complexion.

And you know what kind of gold is REALLY underappreciated? Rose gold.  Rose gold is the most unabashedly romantic-looking gold. Warm and girly, but underscored by unassailable class and grace, it’ll lend a whole new feel to your wardrobe and your outlook.

Behold — rose gold!

Heather Moore Rose Gold ChainMichael Kors Chronograph Watch

Ippolita Rose Gold Earrings

13 Responses to “A Rose By Any Other Name…”

  1. Karen Says:

    I totally agree. That watch meets the “men’s watch” requirement perfectly, too. Want.

  2. Jane2 Says:

    I love gold…on everyone else. My skin tone cries out for silver…white gold, platinum, sterling.

  3. Lady Luxe Says:

    I adore rose gold however im afraid i fall in the lover of platinum section ;)

  4. Glinda Says:

    I also think rose gold is pretty, but I’ve never owned any.

  5. The Accidental Tangoiste Says:

    What pretty pieces!

    I usually wear silver or various things with pretty beads, but some of the nicest pieces I own (generally from the family, for one reason or another) are gold–and last Christmas my dear father gave me a lovely bracelet of knotted chains in yellow gold and chocolate gold?! Perfect for this unrepentant little chocoholic! Oh, how well my father knows me!

  6. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Warning…do NOT do a Google search for chocolate gold if you do not have any actual chocolate within your grasp, because you will be assailed by a metric boatload of images of gold-foil-wrapped chocolate and Lindt bunnies.

    /toddles off to office’s vending machine…

  7. gamma Says:

    Rose gold never works for me; I always associate it (wrongly) with the kind of cheap base metal that turns my fingers green and makes my earlobes break out.

    But I favor gold as a rule. Platinum is better for certain settings.

  8. The Accidental Tangoiste Says:

    LPA: It’s true. Even without ten million Google images of beautiful chocolates, I kind of have to resist the urge to nibble at the bracelet whenever I wear it. ;)

  9. Christa aka Never teh Bride Says:

    I LOOOOOVE rose gold. But add me to the list of people who have never owned any. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of heirloom jewelry that happens to be yellow gold. One thing I rather liked is this stuff even though some of it looks really tacky.

  10. Fabrisse Says:

    I think the only stone that doesn’t work with rose gold is aquamarine. I’ve always loved it — my grandmother gave me her old rose gold watch from the 1930s when I was ten — and I’m happy to see it coming back.

    I also wear regular gold, silver, and copper depending upon my mood and my outfit. Does that make me a jewelry slut?

  11. dcsurfergirl Says:

    Gold is a great metal! A lot of people probably associate it with 1980s jewelry such as big dookie chains and those giant hoop earrings.

    I have a cool yellow gold and diamond ring I wear on my right pinkie along with a gold and blue topaz band. Rose gold pieces are lovely, too.

  12. Thea Says:

    Loving the rose gold and so glad you mentioned it! I recently bought my husband a rose gold watch and a feral lobbyist tried to chew it off his arm while we were at a Starbucks in D.C.

    It is richer looking to me, less brassy than a lot of yellow gold can be. And it shows gems to perfection. But I will agree with the aquamarine comment.

  13. Heidi Aphrodite Says:

    Bless you bless you bless you for posting this! I’m so tired of platinum, much as I really do like it–it’s just everywhere all the time. When I went shopping for a birthday ring five or six years ago, I got the weirdest looks when I asked to see something in yellow gold with pink sapphires. One salesgirl (really, 10 years younger than me) actually tried to get me to change my mind, saying that pink sapphires didn’t look good in yellow (or rose) gold, as if I didn’t know exactly what I wanted and needed her to tell me. Silly. I ended up having to go online to find what I wanted, and even then it was almost pure chance that I did. I can just imagine asking for something in rose gold…lol!

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