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Stash your sparklies!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
By La Petite Acadienne

Confession time: I am not an organized person.

Don’t get me wrong. I am pretty organized when it comes SOME things.  When planning an event, my colour-coded spreadsheets are a thing of beauty and a joy forever.  My closet is impeccable, sorted by dresses, shirts, pants and skirts, and with all of the pairs of shoes placed toe to heel so as to maximize space.

However, there are gaps. And my jewelry collection is a major gap. It is not organized.

I currently have two necklace trees that house my mishmash of good jewelry and costumey fun stuff.  Some of my earrings are in their original cases, some are in my jewelry box, and some are all thrown together in a gigantic orange plaid box from the dollar store.  The same goes for my rings and bracelets. And I think my watch is next to the bathtub, from when I remembered at the last moment to take it off before giving The Wee One his bath.

I am doing SOME things right. My pearl earrings and pearl pendant are in their original case, so that they don’t get roughed up or scratched against any other jewelry. My necklaces are at least hung up, so that they don’t get all tangled. And my little diamond studs are always stored in the same place mainly so that they don’t get lost.

However, there is major, major room for improvement. And I am thinking that this should be my New Year’s resolution: to get my jewelry collection organized once and for all, so that it’s not all stored in a bazillion different places.

The first step in any fit of organizational madness, of course, is to pare down what you’ve got. So, it will be time to take a good, hard look at what I have. I must limit my collection only to that which I actually wear, or that which has priceless sentimental value to me (such as my grandmother’s pendant watch).  Everything else will be 1. offered to friends and family, 2. pawned, or 3. given away to charity. (I can always buy more designer jewellery from Whaton Goldsmith.)

After that, it’s to decide how to store it. I love the idea of a jewelry armoire. It just seems so decadent to have a piece of actual furniture devoted solely to storing one’s jewelry, no? And, it would allow me to store EVERYTHING in one place, as opposed to having a jewelry box here and a necklace tree there, etc.

However, floor space in my boudoir is rather limited at the moment, due to the presence of a piece of exercise equipment that rhymes with “Gisele”. And no, I do not think that the fact that these two loathsome,  spindly objects rhyme is a coincidence.  I am convinced that it is subliminal messaging: that by using one, I will look like the other.

But I digress.

My floor space is limited. Hence, a compromise: an armoire-esque jewelry box that can sit on top of my dresser, but that still is tall enough to hang most of my necklaces gracefully.

Something like this would fit the bill rather nicely, I think:

So how about you? How do you store your shiny things? Do you have a system, or do you just biff it all in a drawer and hope for the best?  Are you admirably organized when it comes to your jewelry, and if not, is that on your “must do that someday” list?



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